Blendrix is a DJ/Producer based in Fort Collins, CO, USA. He holds one of the founding residency positions in Northern Colorado’s “House of Bass” DJ collective, and the founder’s chair with Denver’s “The Manic Profession.” Since his first DJ gig at a martini bar in Fort Collins in 2009, Blendrix has gone on to open for some of the hottest names in the EDM scene, including Darth & Vader, TYR, K Theory, Butch Clancy, Samples, Boys Noize, Drivepilot, Bad Boy Bill, Coyote Kisses, Alex Mind, Total Recall, and others. He has had the pleasure of performing at many venues throughout Colorado, including Denver’s world renowned Beta Nightclub, the Denver Coliseum, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Subterranean Nightclub in Colorado Springs, and The Aggie Theatre in his hometown of Fort Collins. He aspires to begin playing shows at venues in other states in the U.S. very soon, and then in Europe shortly thereafter.

Unique, memorable experiences are Blendrix’s specialty, primarily because he refuses to follow the “stationary DJ, stuck behind the decks” formula. Instead, he prefers to get highly animated, dance around on stage, and sometimes even get down onto the dance floor to bust a few moves with the fans during his sets. Yet, his hands never leave his mixer, and he always continues mixing and applying effects, even while he bounces around on stage and in the crowd. His secret weapon: cutting-edge, handheld, wireless set control equipment. He uses an iPad and a few other handheld wireless devices running specialized software to control the sound coming out of the DJ booth from anywhere in the venue. This freedom of mobility opens up the opportunity for him to interact with the crowd in a much more meaningful way, even while he’s concentrating hard on a difficult transition, because he can do it while standing right next to the edge of the stage, hyping the crowd, and connecting personally with individual fans in the front rows.

Blendrix’s “live P.A.” sets utilize the latest in experimental and cutting-edge technology to deliver a highly enjoyable and memorable experience to the fans. His stated goal for each performance is to leave the fans in a state of dazed euphoria, and in utter disbelief of what they just witnessed, so that they wake up the next day wondering if the previous night’s mind-bending events actually occurred, or if it was just a crazy dream.

His current stage rig consists of an Apple MacBook Pro loaded up with Ableton Live, two wireless iPad MIDI control surfaces, and a hybrid analog/digital electric guitar with its own separate controls for modulating the sound. This configuration lends itself to a high degree of melodic precision, as well as opening up the opportunity for extensive improvisation using on-the-fly multi-layering of sounds, loops, and live recordings.

Through this natural evolution of the DJ performance paradigm, Blendrix aims to raise the bar of dynamism and stage presence in his performances, thereby fostering a deeper, more personal connection with the fans, and setting the stage for a series of moments that will remain crystal clear in their memories for years to come.

As a producer, Blendrix has released dozens of tracks on SoundCloud, including a self-released EP in March of 2012 and an EP on the Infectious Records label in July of 2014. He tends to lean toward the darker end of the electronic music spectrum in his original productions, incorporating elements from genres like dubstep, glitch hop, drumstep, nu breaks, and dnb, but when it comes to his bootleg mashups and remixes, they range widely from the somewhat obscure and pensive to mainstream and high-energy. Please, take a moment to visit the Blendrix SoundCloud page, download some free tunes, share them with your friends, and leave some feedback!